LGBTQ Marriage Immigration

Leiva Firm in San Francisco Strongly Advocates for LGBTQ Equality in Immigration

Same-Sex Marriage to U.S. Citizen or Legal Permanent Resident Green Card & Same-Sex Fiancé(e) Visa Petitions

Our office began representing same-sex couples immediately after USCIS' announcement that they would be recognizing same-sex petitions for all immigration benefits. We have represented hundreds of same-sex and transgender couples before US Citizenship & Immigration Services in San Francisco, Santa Clara and Sacramento offices.

LGBQT family related immigration often involves an additional layer of complexity due to many unique factors. Our office has experience in dealing with privacy and sensitivity issues that can come with same-sex or transgender relationships.

From successfully dealing with countries that are intolerant or outright prohibit same-sex or transgender relationships to dealing with issues of sensitivity and discreetness due to cultural norms and lack of knowledge of the relationship by family members.

If you would like representation in your marriage green card case, fiancé visa case, or want to inquire as to how the process works when dealing with a country that does not recognize gay marriage, call our office for your consultation.


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