Our consultations are provided over phone, Skype/Video chat, etc. Generally, only established clients who are local to the San Francisco & Walnut Creek Northern Bay Area will be seen in our office while they have an ongoing case with us. All consultations are handled remotely.

All consultations begin at $150-$375 depending on the type of case you have and your personal immigration/criminal history. We offer consults only for the following cases: Adjustment of Status, Fiance Visa, VAWA (spousal or parent abuse), DACA, U-Visa (Victim of Crime in the U.S.), Removal of Conditions (I-751 Individual & Joint), Family Petitions, Naturalization, Provisional Waivers, N-600 Certificate of Citizenship, 601 Waivers, and Fraud Interview Preparation & Attendance. If you have already filed a petition with a federal agency or the petitioner and/or beneficiary have any criminal history this requires documents to be provided prior to your scheduled consultation.

All consultations begin at $150-$375 depending on the type of case. Any case that has already been filed with USCIS or another agency, as well as cases where the applicants have any criminal history, requires submission of your documents for the attorney’s review prior to your consultation.

No, at this time our office does not handle employment immigration matters.

Yes, we accompany our clients to marriage fraud interviews and help prepare for them.

No. We do not handle Asylum or Deportation/Removal Defense cases, or cases that require legal representation in immigration court. However, we can provide you a referral to legal resources that can help you with this.

No. We only handle emigration to the United States.

The range for adjustment of Status in the US (green card) is $4500-$5500. This does not include filing fees associated with the application from USCIS. The fee quoted will be based on your particular case facts and the required legal work to successfully complete your case.
The typical range is $2000 – $2500. This is based on your individual case facts and requirements. You will be quoted with a fee before you sign a retainer with our firm.
Our hourly rate is $400 for attorney services and $250 for paralegal services.
No, we do not offer this service due to liability issues.
Yes we can setup payment plans through automated bank account withdrawals (ACH) or Credit Cards.
Yes, we are able to take on clients for U.S. immigration cases from all over the United States and the world, without needing to meet with our clients in-person.
Yes, we can do a video consultation. We can also do a phone consultation as well.
Yes. Immigration law is not restricted by state. Ms. Leiva is a member of the Georgia Bar Association and can practice US Immigration law in all 50 states and US territories as well as handle US Immigration cases for international clients.