I-751 Petition For Removal of Conditions on Residence

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What is an I-751?

When am I required to file Form I-751?

The Form I-751 is knowns as the “Petition to Remove Conditions of Residence.” Applying for the removal of the conditions of your residence is a crucial step in becoming a permanent resident of the U.S.

Conditional residence only lasts two years. When you are nearing this two-year period on your green card, the Form I-751 is filed with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to request that the conditions on your residence be removed so that you will be classified as a permanent resident.


The USCIS requires certain documentation to support your application from you and your spouse spanning the course of the last two years. Most documents are quite straightforward but careful consideration should be given as to which documents will support your application best.


Requesting a Waiver of the Joint Filing Requirement

You should NOT file a Joint Application if you are no longer living with your spouse, are separated or in the process of divorce. You may face charges of fraud or misrepresentation if you do so and be placed in Immigration Court Removal Proceedings.

You can seek a waiver of the joint filing requirement if you are unable to file your Form I-751 jointly with your U.S citizen spouse or parent. This would be due to death, divorce, abuse or other applicable circumstances.

The following documents (whichever is applicable) will have to be submitted together with your waiver request:

  • A copy of the death certificate
  • A copy of the divorce certificate
  • Proof of abuse or cruelty such as police reports, medical reports, social worker reports, photographs of injuries etc.
  • Documentation of the reason you are filing your application separately from your parent’s application
  • Evidence proving that you will undergo “extreme hardship” if you are removed from the U.S if that is your reason for your application of the waiver.

I-751 FEES:

USCIS is on the lookout for fraudulent marriages and will be very strict in assessing your application. Our office can help you prepare your petition and help avoid unnecessary issues and possible denial. Our fee range for the I-751 process is $1800-$3500 depending on your particular circumstances.

There is also a filing fee required by USCIS. As of 2019, the I-751 filing fee is $595 plus the required biometric fee of $85. The filing fee is updated from time to time so you should check the latest filing fees on www.uscis.gov .