If you’re interested in living and working in the United States, you may already be considering using an immigration attorney to help you navigate this process. We would highly recommend this as immigration law in the United States is challenging – even for those familiar with legal proceedings.

Questions like, “How much is an immigration lawyer?” and “Are there any immigration lawyers near me?” frequently come up when people are considering which immigration attorney to go with. If you’re trying to decide on which immigration lawyer is best for you, keep reading. In this article, we’ll go through some practical tips and tricks when it comes to finding an immigration lawyer in California.

Research Immigration Lawyers in California

Like with any major purchase or decision, you should always do as much research beforehand as possible regarding selecting an immigration attorney. If you type into Google, “Immigration lawyers near me”, you will likely have hundreds of results come up. So how do you choose an immigration lawyer that is knowledgeable and trustworthy?

Many immigration attorneys or law firms will advertise their unique selling points (USPs) online, or what makes them stand out from other lawyers or firms. In immigration law, the most popular USPs that firms showcase are:

  • Location of their offices
  • Their fees
  • Their niche expertise
  • Languages spoken at their office
  • Customer/client testimonials

Of course, just because an immigration attorney or law firm says they are experts in immigration doesn’t mean that they are.  While judging the credentials and expertise of any law firm or attorney can be difficult, there are a few methods are discerning if an attorney or firm is as good as they claim to be:

  • Social media – Many lawyers or firms are active on social media and will post about cases they are interested in or cases that could be relevant for their clients. What an attorney posts about and the content they share could help indicate that they’re constantly researching and staying up-to-date with the latest updates in their niche.
  • Writing – Lawyers will write for their organization and write articles or insights for other relevant blogs or independent websites. Researching what your potential lawyer or firm has written about will give you insight into their specialization and how they work through an issue or case.
  • Reviews – Another great way to assess a lawyer’s expertise is their clients’ reviews. Especially if you can find a trusted friend or family member who has used their services, this can help you understand how professional they are and if they provided good legal counsel.


Immigration Attorney Costs

An immigration attorney’s fees will largely depend on the amount of work required to handle your case. Legal assistance when filing immigration forms can cost anywhere from $250 – $800, while assistance with a green card can range from $800 – $5,000, depending on how complex your case is. Don’t forget you will also need to pay the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) fee, which can run between $460 to $700. While that may seem expensive, be aware that not filing your application property can result in even more fees and a longer processing and waiting period.


If you’re considering hiring an immigration attorney to help you with your immigration case, choose Leiva Law Firm. Based in San Francisco, Leiva Law Firm specializes in U.S. immigration and nationality laws for local and international clients. Get in touch today to discuss your immigration case.